Sample of previous work.


Sterling, 6” x 6”, watercolor, 2018

Artist’s Description:

I painted this piece based on a photo taken by my friend Amy, of her horse Sterling. Sterling was luminous and emerging from a very dark background setting, creating a contrast I couldn’t resist. In 2019, my friend suffered several personal losses, including Sterling, so my painting became a memorial.


Blue Jay, 6” x 6”, watercolor on handmade paper, 2019

Artist’s Description:

I recently discovered a lovely handmade paper that I’ve fallen in love with. It caresses textures, and soaks up color in a way I just adore. I created a series of these little birds as a part of Birdtober, a month-long challenge via Instagram, which this was a part of.


In the Dark of December, 9” x12”, watercolor, 2019

Artist’s Description:

I painted this image in order to print as holiday cards to mail to family and friends. The idea of friendly backyard birds, surrounding an illuminated tree in the dark of winter spoke to me. The painting hung for the holiday season, and will emerge every year following.


Surfacing, 9” x 12”, watercolor, 2019

Artist’s Description:

In the summer of 2019 I took a solo artist’s retreat to one of my favorite places – San Juan Island. I drew and painted, explored and wildlife watched for a week. I painted this piece after a photo I took while on a whale watching trip outside of Friday Harbor.


Great Blue Heron study, 9” x 12”, watercolor, 2019

Artist’s Description:

After a happily accidental art supply order of a too-big sketchbook, I decided to fill it with large bird studies. This image is from a glorious photo book of Pacific Northwest Birds, and was done quickly to capture the grizzled and colorful essence of a Great Blue Heron.


Phoebe, 20” x 28”, watercolor, 2019

Artist’s Description:

I painted Phoebe after being dumbfounded by a photo taken by a zookeeper friend of mine, Megan. She shared the image of this glowing Barn Owl, in this very interesting and unusual pose, and I knew I needed to paint her. I removed her from a zoo setting and placed her somewhere magical.


Black Oystercatchers, 8.5” x 11”, watercolor/mixed media, 2019

Artist’s Description:

I remember encountering these birds on a kayak trip on San Juan Island as a child, and just had to capture their striking appearance. In this image they are scavenging for mussels. When I saw the shorebirds theme for the 2019 Puget Sound Bird Fest I immediately thought of these funny characters. My choice paid off as this piece was selected for the poster for that year’s event. 


Red-lored Parrot, 10” x 10”, watercolor on handmade paper, 2019

Artist’s Description:

This coy parrot resides at The Belize Zoo, where I visited in 2014 as part of my graduate studies. I saved this photo for years until the motivation struck me to finally paint it. My patience was awarded with the ADG award at Tsuga Gallery’s 2019 Chroma show.


Tri-colored Heron, 9” x 12”, watercolor, 2019

Artist’s Description:

The focused expression and brilliant colors of this heron were such an interesting combination to me that I needed to paint it. I went on to donate this piece to Eastside Audubon’s annual auction in 2019.


Bubbles, 9” x 12”, watercolor/mixed media, 2018

Artist’s Description:

For my elder child’s 10th birthday, I used my zoo connections to get a behind the scenes tour of the Humboldt Penguins. These two were serenading us with musical honking. Later, I was inspired to paint this playful image after seeing a video of penguins chasing bubbles.